Hucknall Against Whyburn Farm Development

Save the green belt areas around Hucknall from an additional 3000 homes.

Whyburn Farm removed From The Local Plan

It was announced today (18-8-22) by Council Leader Jason Zadrozny-Bland that the Whyburn Farm Development is to be removed from the currently paused Draft Local Plan.

While we welcome the news, Hucknall Against Whyburn Farm Development would like to make the following statement.

Hucknall Against Whyburn Farm Development (HAWFD) have been representing the people of Hucknall since the Ashfield Independent Draft Local Plan was published by Ashfield District Council in September 2021. 

We have always been clear that we oppose this plan and the disastrous effects it would inflict on Hucknall and the Ashfield District as a whole.  Today, the controlling Ashfield Independent Party has announced its intention to withdraw Whyburn Farm from its Draft Local Plan.  It has also announced that a new Draft Plan will be circulated during September and the statutory stage 2 consultation period resumed. 

We must be clear that, at this point, Hucknall Against Whyburn Farm Development (HAWFD) welcome the announcement made today, however, the specific proposals of any new Ashfield Independent Draft Local Plan are unclear.  These new proposals have not been made available to us or the people of Hucknall.  Therefore, while a very positive move appears to have been made for our cause, we must await the finer details before we draw any firm conclusions. 

We have, however, carefully analysed all the information that has been released and it is safe to say despite today’s positive announcement important questions still remain.

The HAWFD team are working hard to gain clarity on what has happened today and to establish the impact of any new local plan when this is made available to us.  For now we will continue doing everything we can to establish the clear facts, protect our greenbelt land and support the people of Hucknall.

Thank you all for your support.

HAWFD Committee

OUR aim

To prevent the destruction of yet more green belt land around Hucknall and to retain it for the benefit of all.


We are an apolitical community group who are passionately against the proposed development of 3000 houses on the Whyburn Farm green belt land.


Spread the word. If you are as passionate about this as we are, tell your friends, neighbours and anyone else that will listen.

The Local PLan

In September 2021, Ashfield District Council published their Draft Local Plan for housing in the Ashfield district.

This is to replace the 2016 local plan that was withdrawn in 2018 due to its ‘unsuitability’.

The majority of the new homes to be built in the Ashfield area will be built in Hucknall. 6102 new homes will be built which will increase Hucknalls population from around 36000 to over 50000. This does not include current housing developments such as ‘Rolls Royce’, ‘Broomhill’ and ‘Top Wighay Farm’ (which is Gedling Borough Council but will still impact Hucknall residents).

3000 homes are planned to be built in the Whyburn Farm area, which is designated as greenbelt land and is therefore protected to prevent urban sprawl.

This one development will see Hucknall lose around 205 hectares (2.05 sq km) of its current green space.

There are brownfield and greenfield sites in the Ashfield area that are more suitable. Some of which were put forward in the previous Local Plan that was rejected by the current council.

GET INVOLVED for our communities sake

The Whyburn Farm Area has many footpaths through it, and with the neighbouring Dob Park provides a beautiful area for Hucknall residents young and old to exercise and enjoy activities such as walking, running cycling, bird watching, and just enjoying the beautiful countryside for their own well being.

It is home to an abundance of flora and fauna that would disappear if this land were to be built on. Once it is gone it can never be replaced.

For this area to be retained, it is important that as many people as possible get involved to support the cause.

Please spread the word so that as many people as possible know about this development, and together we can stop it.

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The Petition

Following the announcement of the new Local Plan, a petition was organised to voice the concerns of local residents opposed to the local housing developments.

The paper petitions were handed over to Ashfield District Council on the 15th November 2021. Thank you to those that attended on the day.

Thank you as well to all of those who took time to object to the Local Plan in writing.

Local Events

Following on from the success of our previous two Whyburn Walks as well as our sold out quiz night, we will be holding more events to raise awareness and funds throughout 2022.

Please keep an eye on this website or sign up to our newsletter for more details as and when we know them.

Around 400 of you attended our first organised walk around Whyburn Farm on the 13th November 2021, and with the raffle and the sale of tea, coffee, cakes and the Whyburn Farm calendar we raised £1024.59.

Images of the Whyburn Walk are on our gallery page.

A big thank you as well to our army of volunteers. We could not of done it without you.




Unfortunately a fight like this does need funds. If you can donate just £5.00 it will help us to spread the word.


Many Hucknall residents do not know about this housing project that will not only rid us of beautiful countryside, but put more strain on our local community.


Join us on our facebook page, or sign up for our newsletter for more information and to help us fight these damaging housing proposals in our local community.


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