Who We Are

Hucknall Against Whyburn Farm Development is an apolitical local community group formed by Hucknall resident Jemma Chambers, originally as a Facebook group, on 23rd September 2021 to fight against the proposed 3000 home development on the green belt land known as Whyburn Farm in Hucknall.

Since then, the word has spread and we now have over 4400 followers on Facebook, twitter and Instagram as well as MPs and local councillors who have all pledged to support us in our cause to protect Hucknall’s greenbelt land from development.

Our Aim

Using the power of social media through facebook, twitter, instagram and creation of this website along with leaflet and poster campaigns, the aim of the group is to inform the Hucknall community of this terrible plan to build homes on our much needed and treasured green belt sites.

By keeping local people informed, we hope that the voices of Hucknall residents will be heard by local government and the plans will be dismissed.

The destruction of greenbelt land should not be allowed, especially as there are other brown field and green field areas throughout the Ashfield District Council area that are more suitable.

A Big Thank You

We are only at the beginning of our fight, but we could not have got as far as we have without the incredible support of the Hucknall community and beyond.

So a big thank you to our thousands of followers on social media who have provided inspiration, support, facts and figures as well as beautiful images and stories about the Whyburn Farm area.

Our army of volunteers who have been out delivering leaflets and collecting signatures for the petition throughout Hucknall.

Our fabulous benefactors who have now donated over £1300.00 through our go fund me page as well as those donating at our ‘Whyburn Walk’ enabling us to produce 15000 leaflets, enough to deliver to every household in Hucknall, as well as posters that you will be seeing more of around Hucknall.

To the many businesses throughout Hucknall that are displaying our posters and have collected signatures for the petition, we thank you all.

We hope that you will all continue to support us during the long journey ahead so that we can preserve our beautiful countryside for generations to come.